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Pills and Skills Recovery LLC

Radio Show and Podcast

In addition to individual coaching, I host a weekly radio talk show that airs every Friday (11;30 am & 11:30 pm) and Saturday (12 noon and 12 midnight) on WHRT (HIS Radio Talk) 91.9 and 89.7, a contemporary Christian radio station in Greenville, SC. My show is all about healing from trauma and recovery.

I know that many trauma survivors will not go see a therapist or psychiatrist, so my motto is “bringing recovery to you.” I do this by bringing listeners research-based information week on healing from trauma and recovery.

My goal is to help listeners take the next step in their journey of healing from trauma and recovery. Don't worry if you miss the show, you can catch it on my podcast. 


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If you are one of the many listeners who is impacted by my show, I am asking for your support. To support the show, click below to donate via PayPal or Venmo. Your contribution of any amount will ensure I keep leading others along their journey of recovery. Thanks in advance for your support.

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