Coaching Services

I Can Help.

I specialize in helping helping men and women

  • Heal and recover from childhood trauma and 

  • Break the intergenerational cycle of violence, abuse, and neglect.


In our online, one-on-one coaching sessions, I help you understand what childhood trauma is, how it changes the body, and how it leads to a host of symptoms.


I help you identify and replace unhealthy behaviors with new ways of being, change your thought patterns, identify triggers, improve your self esteem, learn to put yourself first, and more.  All of which help you heal, maintain your recovery, and break the intergenerational cycle of violence, abuse, and neglect.

Are you ready to work with me, so I can help you? Click on the link below to schedule a Free 45-minute consultation.

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Why Work with me?


A large part of my work is to help you understand what childhood trauma is, how it changes the body, and how it leads to a host of symptoms. Symptoms like PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, eating disorders, boundary issues, abandonment issues, and others. To help you heal from trauma, I help you understand the healing process and what that entails.


As a recovery coach, I am in recovery myself. I have faced many of the problems you are facing. I have dealt with troubles with employment, family, and relationships in my own life and have done so while remaining in recovery. Using my own experience, I provide insight into how to address the issues we all face in life and how to prioritize your recovery while striving toward your goals.


I serve as your accountability partner. I'm that person you check in with on a regular, planned basis. Instead of wondering whether your call is wanted, if you’re some sort of “burden” for reaching out to a friend or family member, you know I expect to hear from you at regularly scheduled times. I will help you check on your progress toward your goals. 

Tools and Skills

My main work is to help you develop tools and skills that will help you achieve and maintain your recovery. My work is highly individualized. Do you want to have healthier relationships? Do you want to improve your self-confidence? Do you want to get rid of negative self-talk? I help you identify the main obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals. Each of these obstacles is then addressed with skill building and accountability to help you reach your goal.


I sat in my chair staring feelings of sheer exhaustion mentally, emotionally, physically. Suffering from the blows of life challenges that I was facing. I felt hopeless. My confidence was shattered, and my future looked bleak. I desperately needed a voice of wisdom and guidance. God divinely put in my path one day a particular broadcast Pills and Skills Recovery hosted by Dr. Chris Maria. I felt immediately the reassurance in her spirit and voice as a woman who could relate to individuals who had been wounded by life. I set up a 45 min consultation. It has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The coaching sessions that we have had, I see myself as a more self -confident person. As well, I feel more emotionally stable with the new life skills I'm learning and that we discuss and practice. I'm totally on the road of recovery, with a new beginning. A life that is now thriving with a new outlook on a brighter future. 

                                                                               -Beverly H.

Prior to meeting Dr. Chris I did not know there was a name for what plagued my thoughts and actions, my life period. I listened to her podcasts on the Emotionally Absent Mother and it shifted my perception of myself and helped me to realize that I could heal and I can change. My first conversation with Dr. Chris was literally life changing. I sincerely look forward to the healing and coaching process and what that will look like for my future and how it will change the generations in my family to come.

                                                                               - Candace T.