About Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Chris Maria. I'm a recovery coach and founder of Pills and Skills Recovery, LLC. I coach people on how to maintain their recovery from a mental illness. Whether you have a diagnosis or not, I can coach you on your next best steps.  I got started as a recovery coach by helping family and friends. When they were struggling with depression and anxiety and needed support and guidance, because they knew my story, they came to me with their questions. I enjoyed helping them and coaching them gave me meaning and a sense of purpose. I knew I wanted to do more, so I started Pills and Skills Recovery LLC, a recovery coaching service.

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Chris Maria, Ph.D.

I am helping people achieve long-term recovery because I know the tremendous benefits of recovery. You have a better quality of life. You have healthy relationships. You feel better about yourself. You're better able to fulfill your purpose in life. To get there, many people just need someone, who’s traveled that road, to come alongside them as a coach. I am that person, and I love helping others achieve and maintain their recovery. Prior to starting Pills and Skills Recovery LLC, I was a teacher and college professor. I earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

My Personal Triumph Story

I was diagnosed with a mental illness 15 years ago. When I was diagnosed, I was in denial. I was ashamed. I was scared. I didn’t know about mental illness and what it all meant. For years, I struggled to maintain my recovery. I would do well for a while, but then I would be in a mental health crisis. Over time, however, thanks to individual and group therapy, and outpatient and inpatient behavioral health hospital programs, I learned how to maintain my recovery. Now it’s my mission to help those in the same position as I was maintain their recovery too.

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