Meet Dr. Chris Maria

Hi! I'm a trauma recovery coach. I specialize in helping other trauma survivors either begin their journey of healing or maintain their recovery from a mental health condition. I have been on my journey of healing from trauma and recovery 17 years, and for years, I struggled to maintain my recovery. I would do well for a while but then I'd be in a mental health crisis.

Over time, however, thanks to individual and group therapy, outpatient and inpatient behavioral health hospital programs, and 12 step programs like Celebrate Recovery and CoDA, I learned how to maintain my recovery. Now, I am taking my knowledge and experience and giving others what I needed 17 years ago when I began to heal and recover from trauma.

As a trauma recovery coach, I work with you as a peer, mentor, guide, and educator to help you either begin your journey of healing or maintain your recovery from a mental health condition. To do this, I offer individual coaching online and in person.

In addition to individual coaching, I host a weekly radio talk show that airs every Friday and Saturday on HIS Radio Talk, a contemporary Christian radio station in Greenville, SC. My show is all about healing from trauma and recovery. 

Are you ready to work with me as your trauma recovery coach, so I can help you? Click below to schedule a 45-minute free consultation. 

Before becoming a trauma recovery coach, I was a teacher and college professor.  I am no longer in the classroom; however, I continue to publish in academia and conduct research. I am the Founder of Teen Moms Anonymous.