Hi! I'm Dr. Chris Maria

I'm a trauma recovery coach. I specialize in helping trauma survivors heal and recover from childhood trauma (violence, abuse, and neglect).

I am a trauma survivor. I began to heal and recover from childhood trauma 17 years ago, and for years, I struggled to maintain my recovery. I would do well for a while but then I'd be in a mental health crisis. Over time, however, thanks to individual and group therapy, outpatient and inpatient behavioral health hospital programs, I learned how to maintain my recovery. Now, it's my mission to help others heal from trauma and maintain their recovery too.  

I got started as a trauma recovery coach by helping family and friends. When they were struggling emotionally and needed support, because they knew my story (and I'm a good listener), they came to me for help. I enjoyed helping them and coaching them gave me meaning and a sense of purpose. I knew I wanted to do more, so in December 2020, I started Pills and Skills Recovery LLC, my online trauma recovery coaching service.


I offer one-on-one coaching online and in person. In addition, I inform listeners about recovery on my weekly radio talk show that airs every Friday and Saturday on HIS Radio Talk, a contemporary Christian radio station in Greenville, SC. If you missed the show, you can listen on my podcast.


Many trauma survivors will not go see a therapist or psychiatrist, so my motto is "bringing recovery to you." I do this by bringing listeners research-based information on a variety of recovery topics such as healing from trauma, healing mother wounds, domestic violence, setting healthy boundaries, and more .

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Dr. Chris Maria

Trauma Survivor, Trauma Recovery Coach, Educator/Researcher

I am helping people heal and achieve long-term recovery because I know the tremendous benefits of healing and recovery. You have a better quality of life. You have healthy relationships. You feel better about yourself. You're better able to fulfill your purpose in life. To get there, many people just need someone, who’s traveled that road, to come alongside them as a coach. I am that person, and I love helping others heal and maintain their recovery.


Prior to starting Pills and Skills Recovery LLC, I was a teacher and college professor. I earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  

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I sat in my chair staring feelings of sheer exhaustion mentally, emotionally, physically. Suffering from the blows of life challenges that I was facing. I felt hopeless. My confidence was shattered, and my future looked bleak. I desperately needed a voice of wisdom and guidance. God divinely put in my path one day a particular broadcast Pills and Skills Recovery hosted by Dr. Chris Maria. I felt immediately the reassurance in her spirit and voice as a woman who could relate to individuals who had been wounded by life. I set up a 45 min consultation. It has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The coaching sessions that we have had, I see myself as a more self -confident person. As well, I feel more emotionally stable with the new life skills I'm learning and that we discuss and practice. I'm totally on the road of recovery, with a new beginning. A life that is now thriving with a new outlook on a brighter future. 

                                                                               -Beverly H. 

Prior to meeting Dr. Chris I did not know there was a name for what plagued my thoughts and actions, my life period. I listened to her podcasts on the Emotionally Absent Mother and it shifted my perception of myself and helped me to realize that I could heal and I can change. My first conversation with Dr. Chris was literally life changing. I sincerely look forward to the healing and coaching process and what that will look like for my future and how it will change the generations in my family to come.

                                                                               - Candace T.