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Pills and Skills Recovery LLC

Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey Of Healing And Recovery?

I specialize in helping trauma survivors either begin their journey of healing or maintain their recovery. For those beginning their journey, before you can begin to heal, you must know what needs to be healed. One way to know this is to take the Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz --known as ACEs. This 10-question quiz lets you know how much childhood trauma you were exposed to. Gaining this knowledge and awareness is a great place to start your journey of healing.

I sat in my chair staring feelings of sheer exhaustion mentally, emotionally, physically. Suffering from the blows of life challenges that I was facing. I felt hopeless. My confidence was shattered, and my future looked bleak. I desperately needed a voice of wisdom and guidance. God divinely put in my path one day a particular broadcast Pills and Skills Recovery hosted by Dr. Chris Maria. I felt immediately the reassurance in her spirit and voice as a woman who could relate to individuals who had been wounded by life. I set up a 45 min consultation. It has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The coaching sessions that we have had, I see myself as a more self -confident person. As well, I feel more emotionally stable with the new life skills I'm learning and that we discuss and practice. I'm totally on the road of recovery, with a new beginning. A life that is now thriving with a new outlook on a brighter future.

Beverly H. ★★★★★

My life has been forever changed by the work Dr. Chris has done in my life. She challenged me in my thoughts and actions and brought about accountability and direction. Her work with the unmothered material helped me to understand many of my childhood wounds from my own mother but most importantly helped me to understand MY mother's wounds and allow for the freedom of grace and forgiveness that was not there before. This was extremely important to me because I was stuck in a bad place with my mom for a long time. Now our relationship is changing for the better and I am grateful. Dr. Chris gave me the courage and strength to pursue my goals and helped me to get started where I was stagnated.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Chris for allowing God to work through her. I will never be the same. And I truly believe the lives she touches in the future will never be the same as well.

Candace T. ★★★★★

Working with Dr. Chris has been life changing. She uncovered hidden barriers from my childhood that caused me to feel paralyzed and kept me from moving forward. Dr. Chris gave me tangible resources, weekly homework, reading and listening materials. She was fun but no nonsense and held me accountable for my progress. In turn, this made me feel empowered and in control of my future. I have been trying to launch my business for almost 15 years, and now all those locked-up ideas and dreams I had in my head are being materialized. I have accomplished so much in this brief period. Dr. Chris is a gem in her field! She is the coach's coach. Because of her, I am seeing my business grow and my purpose fulfilled. Thank you Dr. Chris!

La’Nette H. ★★★★★

Take A Listen Every Week!

In addition to individual coaching, I host a weekly radio talk show that airs every Friday (11:30 am & 11:30 pm) and Saturday (12 noon & 12 midnight) on WHRT (HIS Radio Talk) 91.9 and 89.7, a contemporary Christian radio station in Greenville, SC. My show is all about healing from trauma and recovery.

I know that many trauma survivors will not go see a therapist or psychiatrist, so my motto is "Bringing recovery to you." I do this by bringing listeners research-based information each week on healing from trauma and recovery.

My goal is to help listeners take the next step in their journey of healing from trauma and recovery. Don't worry if you miss the show, you can catch it on my podcast!

Meet Dr. Chris Maria

Hi! I'm Dr. Chris Maria. I am a trauma recovery coach, and I specialize in helping other trauma survivors either begin their journey of healing or maintain their recovery. I have been on my journey of healing from trauma and recovery for 17 years, and for years, I struggled to maintain my recovery. I would do well for a while, but then I'd be in a mental health crisis.

Over time, however, thanks to individual and group therapy, outpatient, and inpatient behavioral health hospital programs, and 12 step programs like Celebrate Recovery and CoDA, I learned how to maintain my recovery.

Now, I use my success, experience, and wealth of knowledge to lead other trauma survivors along their journey of healing from trauma and recovery too. I am giving others what I needed 17 years ago when I began to heal and recover from trauma.